Woolworths SA Designers

With the ground breaking collaboration between up-and-coming South African Designers and Woolworths, we were briefed to create a unique identity for the 3 designers that were to be the first to showcase ranges within Woolworths. A layered look was creating by overlaying textures and patterns particular to the designer, with a photograph of the designer. This look was carried through to swing tickets, sew in labels and in store communication.

c 2010 strappmurray (freelance)

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Ocean Reef Sports Logotype

As importers of unique longboard skateboards and land paddling sticks from the US, the client required a logo that reflected the core products they were importing, but needed the logo to be versatile in it’s identity should they wish to import other sporting equipment in the future.

c 2012 birdesign

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Ocean Reef Seafood Co.

Briefed to design a logotype for a seafood delivery service that was fun and playful. The various “fishy” characters are based on the type of seafood that is delivered.

c 2010 birdesign

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Ackermans Tango Logotype

Tango is a range that is aimed at the 16 – 24 year old, and required a logo that appealed to this age group. The logo had to include a graphic device that could be recognised independently from the logo.

An acid yellow and silver colour palette was developed, layered with an etched floral illustration. The look & feel was applied to swingtickets, and further developed for the denim area using the yellow as the base colour and accents of turquoise and pink to define denim styles.

c 2009 strappmurray (freelance)

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