Styletica Womens Sportwear

A new brand identity created for a small range ladies sportswear with a focus on comfort and fit of the garment. A graphic device was also developed to be used alongside the logotype on swing tags.

c 2019 birdesign

The Green Tap

A logotype developed for a small business specialising in all things green and environmentally-aware when it comes to household products. The branding had to be adaptable and easy to rollout onto different packaging types and sizes by the client. Customers are encouraged to bring their own recycled jars and bottles to fill up on a variety of cleaning products, sanitisers and soaps.

c 2020 birdesign

IEIT Cyberlogic

The amalgamation of 2 companies IET and Cyberlogic into the IEIT brand. This project not only involved the design of business cards and company collatoral, but also the rebranding of 2 office spaces. With the help of Colorcinno we developed large format vinyl prints and wall papers to refresh the office spaces and create a more tech environment for the staff.

c Birdesign 2017

Gillian Scott Identity

A unique identity developed for a self, soul and spirit coach that encapsulates the journey of self improvement.

The swan was a perfect match using the old adage ‘from ugly duckling to beautiful swan’. The graphic device is used as part of the logotype, or singularly on promotional materialĀ  where the full logo is not required.

c birdesign 2017

Kirsten’s Kitchen

A quick and simple identity for a small startup business selling a variety of homemade pickles, jams, mixed nuts etc.

The identity needed to be easy to print (1 colour) and adaptable onto multiple format labels that could be self-produced.

c birdesign 2016

Edge for Men

As an established and recognisable mens hairdresser in the main shopping malls of Cape Town, Edge for Men required a refresh of their current look to capture the traditional appeal of barbershops, and to promote their offering of beard trimming, without alienating an existing client base of both men and women.

The Edge for Men identity is used on all primary communication (advertising, promotions, signage). Edge Barber & Beardsmith is applied to the Menu of Services.

The strong black and white palette was retained with the addition of barbershop red for use in promotional messaging. Simple graphic icons were developed for menus to assist in guiding the client through the menu of services.

c birdesign 2015

Lucy’s Identity

Lucy required a logo that would capture the homemade goodness of her traditional Cornish Cream Teas. Application onto business cards, stickers and a rubber stamp for quick and easy branding on the kraft board packaging.

c birdesign 2013

Advent Wealth Identity

A new identity for a financial advisor who wanted something atypical of the category.

Using the A and W of the name a versatile icon was created that couldĀ be used as part of the logo, or as a stand-alone supporting decorative pattern on leaflets and website. Initial application was on business cards and a promotional leaflet.

c birdesign 2014

The School of Surf

A quick, fresh identity for a surf-crazy mate!

c birdesign 2018