Milnerton Canoe Club

Milnerton Canoe Club needed a refresh on the logo. Using the club’s location near to the Milnerton lighthouse, it was logical that the landmark was incorporated into their new look.

c 2017 Birdesign

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Squish Baby Logotype

The Squish Baby logotype was designed as part of a brief to design a range of baby food packaging. The logotype needed to feel part of the same family as the client’s existing range of puréed fruit smoothies, branded Squish. Using visual cues from the existing Squish range, a softer version of the logotype was developed, to create a more baby-friendly feel. The existing Squish toddler range used a monkey character as a primary graphic device, so a baby monkey was introduced as part of the Squish Baby logotype. The baby monkey was further developedto not have a dummy. The logotype colour uses a slightly fresher green. Colours were chosen so as to work with the various flavour colours in the range.

c 2011 birdesign

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Big Red Thermavision

A logotype developed for a small business specialising in infra red imaging to detect leaks invisible to the naked eye. The concentric circle represent the thermal rays and ‘hitting-the-bulls-eye” when finding the leak.

c 2009 birdesign



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The Sunshine Approach Logotype

The Sunshine Approach is the name given to the company philosophy of the Sunshine Nut Company based in Mozambique. Through their philosophy,they aim to uplift the local communities with their unique business model. The logotype need to reflect this upliftment, without the expected hand imagery, and instead uses a strong sun graphic made up of 4 figures with their hands raised.

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Birdesign Identity

As a designer it is sometimes very difficult to design something for oneself. Birdesign developed out of 2 things, a childhood nickname and the convenient fact that it could also be an acronym from ‘branding’, ‘identity’, ‘retail’ and ‘design’.

The logo needed to be simple and memorable, with the bird device used independently as a signature when the full logo was not appropriate.

c 2013 birdesign

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